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Her Paintings Urn Lasting Respect

Denice Lewis has developed a wonderful and unique way to respect, celebrate and honor loved ones with her "Tribute" series of paintings where she mixes the ashes of the deceased with oils and acrylics and then paints an abstract expression in tribute to their life. These paintings serve as a lasting memorial to cherish forever.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 1, 2004 -- For over a decade, Denice Lewis was Europe’s highest paid catwalk model. She was the “IT” girl and no one has ever graced the cover of Tatler more often. She was a jet setter and at various times was involved with George Hamilton, Dodi Fayed, John Kerry, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and countless others of the “in crowd.” No matter the glamour and ritzy lifestyle she has always been at heart an artist.

Recently, a series of debilitating diseases made continuing her modeling and film career next to impossible. So Denice, being the trooper she is, returned to her roots and took up brush and canvas once again. Now, her commissioned “Tribute” art hangs in places of honor in Hawaii, New York and Los Angeles.

“Tribute” paintings begin with the surviving family presenting Denice with an anecdote or favorite remembrance of the departed loved one, along with a pinch of their ashes. Phone consultations follow, and in the best case scenario, Denice will actually travel to the family’s hometown to talk in person and soak up the ambiance and spirit of her subject matter.

What follows can only be described as one part magic, one part emotion, one part spiritual and a whole lot of talent as Denice captures the embodiment of the subject on canvas. She takes no credit for what transpires: “All I do is hold the brush; it does what it wants.” The brush certainly does this very well as the following testimonials show:

“Thank you very much for the painting you have made in memory of my Dad…Hopefully, time will slightly mend the big rift in our hearts and I believe that this painting will give us relief and satisfaction with his spirit.” -Chris

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You obviously listened and my God you heard me…I can't say anything else at this moment as I am quite honored, surprised, shocked and am in disbelief as to how this all ended up after a sweet lunch at Buzzes. You Denice, have put papa in the best place...he will now be with us forever and ever…Curl would have loved this acrylic...and probably sees himself right there.” -Ingrid

“Denice is working on the painting of my mom, Mabel, (it's been several days now and nothing has felt right, numerous false starts and new starts and still the painting isn't right) and I start to tell her a story about my mom and dad and suddenly in the space of the story, some three or four minutes, the painting has taken on a life of its own and is finished. It's called Mabel's Ash, and if you look close it's pretty clear that my mom and dad are dancing together in it and I know Mabel would love it. She'd also be proud to have served as the inspiration responsible for all the other tribute paintings Denice has done, and will do in the future. I love you mom, I love you Denice.” -Michael

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