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mother and child
I miss you mom.


Gently in the air she floats
A miracle unoticed, yet so realized
She created my heart with hers
My soul, with hers.
Then passed quietly with barely a trace.
Yet, I face everyday in rememberence
of the grace of her quietness
and her wildness
Her passion, her fever
that burned for freedom as do I
to be free and wild.
Like a flower glistening in the sun
Glowing beneath the light of the moon
I pray today with honor and dignity
for the spirit of my
one and only mother.
Her breath is mine
She is in me for eternity.

Couldn't She
know how
much the
life I live
In Her Glory
was one
she could proudly
take credit in
her ability
to intellegently
Face the destiny
like she was born to do?
My Mother
was no other
than pure Genius
and Spirit
with such a Soul.
She was Whole.

denice lewis

Freedoms Whisper

Of gentle whispers in the darkness blindly comforting my soul.
And even though I know it is only for a moment, it is MY moment.
To cherish, precious and nurturing to me.

So that I can begin again.
With a renewed faith
And also hope.

Hope that perhaps I will find what feels like love.
Proudly beating at my heart.
It's taste so very complex to my tongue.
Bringing tears to my eyes as I long for freedom.

Freedom that only love can bleed from my spirit.

My Heart.
My soul.


Precious rainbows in the sky,
rejoice and glimmer within mine eye.
The ancient knowledge you withhold
of worlds forgotten, worlds of old.
Your beams of light penetrate my mind,
and curiosity seeks another time
to find a curtain so tightly woven
with all secrets waiting to unravel, unfold.
Behold, the sun comes peeking through,
each moment rising for a greater view.
And as its light shines within
the secret curtain begins to dim.
To reveal the truth known by all,
in the depth of minds the search begins.
As rainbows colors come together,
one white light, a crystallization.
In this moment of elation
I truly know
we are creation
The Rhythm of the Sea

We walked along,
Hand in hand.
We walked along the shore.
We left our footprints in the sand.
And dreamed of love forevermore.

You said you heard.
You heard the sound.
The sound of us inside your heart.
But can you hear the love I fear
I’ve heard it from the start.

Like a wave crashing by.
A rain bowed cloud in the sky.
It calls to you and calls to me.
Is it love or is it just
The rhythm of the sea?

© 2004-2005.  Denice Lewis.  All rights reserved.